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Hair, Makeup and Spray Tan


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This is ideal to complete your look for your special event. You will get the spray tan the night before and then your hair and makeup the day of your event. Book your appointment early to ensure availability. 


Makeup Services Include Lashes | Complimentary Consultation 

How to Book

To ensure availability for your special event or wedding, it is best to book your appointment with MG immediately. Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings fill up the fastest, often times months out for a big event. $25 deposit is due to reserve your special event makeup/hair and the rest is due at the appointment. Please email MG to arrange details and make appointment.


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FYI Travel is my second love after makeup. I will bring all the designer brands with me just like you would get in the salon. 

Traveling Makeup Artist

Makeup for Special Events and Weddings

Model at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

While we all wish we could have someone do our makeup every morning and probably get a message everyday, like the Kardashians that is just not reality, at least I can do your professional makeup application for your next big event or evening out. I love being a special event professional makeup artist here in Cheyenne because our town, even though it is small, has a lot of awesome events going on. Charities, galas, you name it, we have it here and I love doing the makeup for these events.


Professional Makeup for Engagement Photos

Whether you’re getting ready for your engagement pictures or the senior prom, I would love to do your special event makeup.

Why do I need a professional makeup artist?

There are many reasons to have a professional makeup artist and the first thing is its not about the money, its about you and how you want to look. You have spent money on the shoes and dress so complete the look with investing in your makeup and hair. If you don’t like to wear makeup often, you’re going to save the expense of purchasing makeup that you may not ever wear again to get the look for one night. Plus you will be worry free, all you have to do is sit back, relax your face and let me do my magic. Having your makeup professionally done after getting a manicure is a great way to start the evening, you will leave the chair feeling like a celebrity and be absolutely gorgeous.

I also offer professional microblading, which makes your brows perfect 24/7. No more need for a brow pencil and trying to hope they turn out even. If your brows are thin, over-plucked or you just need a new look, microblading is going to be perfect for you. Learn more about this semi-permanent solution to beautiful brows.

What time should I plan on getting my makeup and hair done?

I would plan on being in the chair for 90 minutes, possibly less if we have done a trial before the special day. If you are just getting makeup done, it would be safe to plan on 45 minutes. I have all the makeup you could possibly need at my salon or I bring it on location but do have a foundation ready that you love and a lipstick. When I have free reign to choose lipstick for my clients, I love to use a lip stain because it lasts all day with very little maintenance but I have my clients that have their favorite colors for their night out and so if that is you, please bring your fav with you.

Taylor Swift Concert Makeup


Bring some examples of makeup that you like and I can work with you to create your perfect evening look. If we had a makeup trial before the special day, bring any makeup that was used at your trial.


Special Event Makeup Before and After

Your prom makeup is going to look insanely beautiful complete with long, full lashes. The hottest trends in fashion and makeup come into play with my makeup transformations. I use all designer, high quality products like KKW, Anastasia and Gucci on all my special event makeup clients. Your red carpet look is ready for a night out in less than 90 minutes but will last you though out the night.

Cheyenne Wyoming Prom

These two lovelies were the perfect canvas for prom makeup application. For both of them, this was their first time having their makeup professionally done and they  both looked so beautiful with a little make up and lashes. I love doing makeup for high school prom, here in Cheyenne, we have three high schools and so for the three Saturday’s in a row, prom girls are here in the salon, getting completely transformed into beautiful young women. I love to be a part for such a special day in their lives.

Photography by Riveted Photography

Special Event Professional Makeup Artist FAQs

How much does it cost to get your makeup done professionally?

The question should be how much does it cost to NOT have your makeup done professionally? You can buy your dress at a discount store or borrow from a friend but to cut corners on your face can cost you a lot more than you ever planned. If you’re getting married, having your makeup done by a professional is priceless. Licensed makeup artists, like myself, understand how your are going to look in front of the camera. Plus when the timeline is tight in the morning and the wedding chaos is unfolding all around you, the last thing you want to be the morning of your wedding is a DIYing bride that is going to have less than perfect wedding makeup.

How much does it cost to have your makeup done at Sephora or the MAC store?

Typically its pretty inexpensive but you could be working with a new artist and be required to purchase product in order to have your makeup done in the store. Purchasing makeup can add up quickly and it may be something you may not ever use again. They are do not do hair as a part of their makeovers, so with me, you get the whole package. Also I do complimentary make up consultations and trials, where at a box store you’re not going to get the same service. Having me, Michelle Gallegos, as your makeup artist for your next event, special occasion or just a night out on the town, you will receive personalized service and a look you’re going to love.

My clients are so beautiful and looked amazing for the Taylor Swift concert. Not only did they arrive red carpet ready for the big show, their makeup lasted even with all the signing and dancing.


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