Grande Lash Product Review

If you have ever been to my salon, you would know that I always have this product on hand and I sell it as one of my beauty must haves. Lashes complete the look and vary rarely I don’t have time to put lashes on but when I go au natural, my lashes look awesome because of Grande Lash. They look amazing and the lashes are totally natural. In just 4 to 6 weeks of using this product you’re going to have beautiful thick lashes with more length. For 3 months, you will use the GrandeLASH MD daily for best results followed by 3-4 times a week for maintenance. This product only goes on your natural lashes and could cause some stinging for the first few days but will go away. All of the models you see on my site are wearing the GrandeLASH Mascara. It is must to complete the look.

GrandeLASH Mascara on Gold Glitter


The GrandeMASCARA is amazing because it not only coats lashes for a fuller, thicker look, it conditions them for healthier lashes. Plus it comes in black and brown to compliment my client’s natural beauty. If you want to check this out this beauty must have for yourself, I sell in my salon but I also have it here on my store and can shop it out to you right away to begin your new eyelash treatment. You’re going to love it.

GrandeLASH Gold

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KKW x MARIO Eyeshadow Palette Review

KKWxMario Palette Review

After attending Mario’s Masterclass in Summer 2017 for the second time and meeting Kim Kardashian, I was really excited anticipating the release of their newest eyeshadow palette. I ordered it within hours of its release before it SOLD OUT. When it finally arrived, I instantly loved every color. The KKW x MARIO eyeshadow palette has a beautiful mix of deep tones for a very versatile look, from boudoir to cat eye and even for everyday wear. This palette will be perfect for my makeup clients because of the range of looks I will be able to create as a professional makeup artist with just one single palette.

Using the KKW x Mario Eyeshadow Palette

Codee was my first makeup client using the KKW x MARIO Eyeshadow Palette. Almost 4 months ago, I microbladed her eyebrows. Even though she had a beautiful natural brow, it was a little thin so her brows just needed to be designed for a fuller look. Without makeup on Codee is just beautiful but I was really excited to be giving her a makeup over for a gala she was attending in the evening.

Mario Masterclass Makeup Techniques

If you ever wanted to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, I use a makeup technique taught by Mario to bake away dark under eye circles, that is how he always has Kim Kardashian looking so fabulous for the red carpet. This look gives you a long lasting matte finish.  I would love to get you red carpet ready for your next event and I use the same skills Mario uses to get celebrities ready for their night out. I do makeup trials so we can find the look thats perfect for you.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Michelle Gallegos

Codee’s evening look called for some cat eyes to finish off her bronze healthy glow. She looked beautifully sun-kissed for her evening on the town.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Michelle Gallegos Using The KKW x Mario Eyeshadow Palette



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Bridal Makeup Artistry

The best way to plan for your wedding makeup is to do a trial run. A great way to plan for you trial makeup session is to bring photos of makeup you love.

Cheyenne Makeup Artist

Emily was getting ready for her wedding that evening at the Little America Resort in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Emily is wearing one of my designer capes that I sell in my store. Check it out for an awesome trendy cape for your own salon.

Professional Bridal Makeup In Cheyenne, Wyoming

I put the lashes on at the end as the final touch. My favorite part is turn my client toward the mirror for the first time to reveal their new makeover. For a lot of my client’s this is their first time ever having professional makeup done and I love how I can transform someone. Emily was already a beautiful canvas to work on and it is always such an honor to be chosen to do makeup for the bride on her wedding day.

Bridal makeup and mother of the bride professional makeup

Emily and her mother looked so beautiful after getting their makeup done in my salon. I hope they had a great time dancing the night away at Little America for her wedding.




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Celebrity Makeup Artist Available for Travel Worldwide

As a makeup artist I want all women to feel confident, empowered and beautiful. I want you to feel as exquisite on the outside as you are inside. My blog is a collection of what I love, my desire to transform a person with a brush not to mention pro tips for other makeup artists and for girls who are ready to change the world.



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